We teach CrossFit with a slight strength bias. Three out of every six days is built around a barbell lift. 

We emphasize all the classic benchmark workouts. They recur every 8-12 weeks. 

In metcons, our emphasis is on quality of movement, not on load or time.


To be able to participate in the program, every athlete must be able to hit four basic positions:

  1. Squat below parallel with weight in heels. If they can't do this, they must work circuits of wall squats, pry squats, box squats, banded knee squats, feet-to-plate squats, counterbalanced squats, or any variation thereof. If they can squat below parallel while heels are on ground but have very pronounced forward lean, teach low-bar back squat.
  2. Set up for deadlift while preserving lumbar extension. In strength training, teach the Romanian deadlift. Eventually this will stretch them out. In metcons, deadlift from bumpers to reduce ROM
  3. Put shoulders in flexion until hands are in frontal plane. If they can't do this, press is okay, but push press and push jerk should be avoided. On overhead squat days, do overhead squat mobilizations. On snatch days, practice power snatch receiving position
  4. Flex the elbows and externally rotate the arms until bar is racked across front of shoulders


Movements trained

Accessory work


Basic performance standards:


  • Press 3 times for each bench press day

Skill WorkEdit

Weightlifting  Obviously weightlifting is also strength work, but you know. 



Running Drills



Couplets and triplets, task or time specific 

Multi-element chippers 

Benchmark "Girls" 

High intensity interval work 


Sprint repeats 

Long slow distance run or row 

Nutritional PracticesEdit

The Zone Diet

The Paleo Diet

Intermittent Fasting

Lean Gains

Carb back loading

Recovery and LifestyleEdit

Foam Rolling


Fish oil supplementation


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